Friday, August 29, 2008

Indie Films Are Not Ordinary

Hello there girls!!! These are some of the pictures that we had during Cinemalaya!!!

Picture Taken w/ Boy Abunda and Erik Santos
Band Playing Outside
Ketchup's Interview
Dancing Fountain
Outside CCP
With Some of Our Former Blockmates
Inside The Jeep
With the Director of Photography of Jay
With the Director and Jay's Nay Luz

Having Fun Outside CCP

After knowing that our class will be attending the Cinemalaya event for this year, I really got excited. This is because even before in my high school days, I was already introduced by my professors to different kinds of independent movies. Through that, I was able to understand easily the essence of the stories behind films. Therefore, I realized that these movies are more interesting to watch than those in the mainstream.

Why? Independent films are made almost by young filmmakers. And for me, I was really inspired knowing that some of the entries in this year’s Cinemalaya were made by young producers. I keep on saying “Makakagawa rin ako ng ganyan!!!” every time I watch those kinds of films. Even though they are not yet in the competitive world of the mainstream industry (which I think every media practitioner wants to go through), they were able to move the mass with the concepts that their stories encompass. Usually, independent films divulge social relevance and advocacies that are known, sometimes very personal to the director and sometimes not explored by the mainstream. And I think these factors make the indie films more “attention-grabbing” than the ordinary. Right girls?

That is why I was so grateful because not only I was with you guys but because I had the chance to experience of going through these kinds of events which I think completes the reason why I chose the course Mass Communication. I was able to understand that unlike any other actors in the show business; I want to explore the industry and to be a part of its working team. I realized that someday I also want to be a script writer, a producer, a director and not only a viewer. I realized that I want to move people and influence them of the notions that I will put in my future productions. (In short, I want to be complete. Yeah, I know what you are thinking girls…) :)

PS: I will never ever forget the first time that we entered the theatre inside CCP to watch “Adela”. There we saw different actors and actresses and even directors that we usually see on TV. We even bothered to take pictures with them not for souvenirs but for popularity’s sake. We were actually looking up to them because we’re sitting near the screen. And then I told one of you guys that “Darating din ang panahon, tayo rin ang titingalain…” sounds amusing? But seriously, we know in ourselves that one way or another, we aim to be like them. :)

Till next time,
Shobe :)