Friday, August 29, 2008

A Cinemalaya Adventure..=)


OMG!! What a week! The Cinemalaya week was really fun and memorable! Of course, because I had you guyz with me (awww..). I enjoyed the thrill of commuting and going to CCP. That was my first time to commute going there. Because of you guyz, I discovered that those orange jeeps (that looked like school buses to me) can actually bring us to CCP. Thanks a lot! haha.

The Orange jeep (or school bus) that brought us to CCP. Go Shobe.=)

Now going back to Cinemalaya, the opening was super grand. It was a blast! Don’t you agree? There were foods like ice cream, taho and fishball available for FREE (now that’s interesting!). I really wanted to try all the foods there but most of the lines were long. Sadly, the taho was the only food I was able to taste.='(

Anyway, do you guyz remember that fat and creepy-looking lady in costume? Oh, nothing much. I just wanted to share that she scared me a lot! You noticed it, didn’t you? I don’t know why, she just looked so real that she really scared me. When she looked at me, it seems like wanted to eat me alive! That was Freaky!!

There she is!! Scary!! x_x

During the program proper, I enjoyed the productions they prepared. They were just sooo amazing. I admire them so much that I have established this dream of becoming one of the CCP’s performers one day. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll be able to make it. Don’t worry guyz, if that happens, I’ll invite you to watch my stage plays for free. haha. Im such a dreamer!

The performers..=)
But the best part for me in our Cinemalaya experience was meeting the “stars”. The Cinemalaya was so star-studded! The actors and directors were just steps away from us. We can actually talk to them and take pictures with them. That was so cool!! I was really starstrucked when I saw Ping Medina or “Kuya Bogs” in person. Actually, I didn’t recognize that it was Kuya Bogs as first because of his clean cut. In fairness, He was cute!! haha. I’m really hoping to see him again.=)

Oh well, till next time guyz. Hoping to have another great bonding time with all of you. I love y'all!!mua!!