Friday, August 29, 2008

all about film..=)

Hi guyz!!=)

I was sooo glad that we had another "bonding session"(or should I say, "picture session". haha.). But this time, it was at the Film Museum in Quezon City. And like our Cinamalaya adventure, it was also fun! fun! fun!=)

say cheese!!..=)

I had a great time exploring the entire museum. I saw lots of stuffs related to Philippine Cinema. There were plenty of trophies(which I'm also dreaming to have in the future. haha.), pictures about Philippine Cinema history, props, costumes, etc. There were also old-fashioned films, cameras, etc.

FPJ collection..=)

The actual "panday"

"Thank you to all those who supported me.."haha..=)

uhm, my favorite part of the museum? There were two. The first one was the horror room. It was so cool! The lightning was great, it established a creepy ambiance perfect for the room. The statues of the monsters looked real. They were really scary! I'm so gonna die if I'll be left alone in that room!

uhm..yssa, are you sure you wanna kiss that? scary!!..

My other favorite was the part in the museum's garden where there were celebrities literally standing in front of us. When tour guide said that some celebrities were waiting for us in the garden, I really thought there were real celebrities. But I was fooled! haha. All I saw were standing life-sized pictures of celebrities. And to my annoyance, most of them were "kapuso" stars while I'm more of a "kapamilya". I was also a bit frustrated when I realized that Enchong Dee was not there. I really want a picture with him. haha.=)

nah..I wish it was ENCHONG DEE..=)

Well, that's about it. Till next time guyz!!tc!!

hugs and kisses,