Friday, August 29, 2008

Cinemalaya Experience : )

with Mr. Francis Pasion

Remember this picture guys???hehe : ) This was the first good-quality shot we had with the director of “Jay”… I remember those times that we were so “kulet” and we keep on asking Mr. Francis Pasion if he could take pictures with us. Mmm … I guess we had more than ten pictures with him! Haha … : )

group pic before watching JAY

So, what can I say about our Cinemalaya days together? First of all, I really had fun during those days. I never thought that it would be so much fun as I expected it would be. We had a great time with the stars… haha feeling close?? Well anyway, the opening of Cinemalaya was really Star-studded. We were all going crazy that night because all of us wanted to take pictures with them even with “Ketchup Eusebio”… And oh I can’t forget the crazy moments we had when we saw Kuya Bogs. Oh my God he’s so cute, until now I can’t stop myself from laughing out loud every time someone mentions his name. How I wish I would see him again? : (

picture with Kuya Bogs..blurred:(

Going back to Cinemalaya experience, I was really inspired by the way the young directors did the film. Their aim is not to make money but rather to moved the people who were watching the film. Now I know why others say that independent films are way way better and much more interesting than mainstream. While we were watching Jay, I remember I asked someone (I think it was you karen?) "Kelan kaya tayo makakagawa ng ganyan?", that time i feel so excited to learn more about tv production so that in the near future we can do such inspiring films... And now that the Cinemalaya days were over, I've come to realized that maybe the main reason why I chose Mass communication is because my dream is to be a director, a producer or a well-known advertiser someday just like them.. So Shobe your right "Darating din ang panahon, tayo rin ang titingalain"..hehe:)

Anyway, the trip became more fun and exciting because of you guys. Aww … I really had a great time with all of you. I feel at ease whenever I’m with you guys. I mean although we weren’t that close before, it feels like I’ve known you guys for years after the trip . Drama? hehe but it’s true…

P.S - By the way I realized that all of us have one thing in common and that is VANITY!!We really had this vanity inside us and that was the worst sin we committed during the Cinemalaya experience..haha : ) Right girls??