Friday, August 29, 2008

The Pambansang Museo ng Pelikula Tour

The visit that we had at the Mowelfund Plaza last August 11, 2008 was indeed educational, cultural and entertaining! As part of our Mass Communication course, we are really needed to be exposed to these kinds of places for us to have a chance to learn and discover things concerning films. And I can say that this museum is the place to be!!!

The films that were shown to us at the first part of the tour made me feel inspired and moved even though the first film is somewhat confusing and the second is a silent movie. I realized that Filipino’s are really creative when it comes to film making. And noticing different changes of each period made me to conclude that from that time until today, films really had gone a long way. (By the way, I was also surprised when the guide told us that the Film Museum was built by the three most popular stars of their time: Dolphy, Fernando Poe Jr. and Joseph Estrada.) The museum displayed more pictures and relics owned by Fernando Poe Jr. I was amazed because that was the only time that I realized FPJ became a director too.

I also had fun because the Pambansang Museo ng Pelikula, which is the one-of-a-kind museum here in our country, exhibited thousands of replicas that really fascinated me. As I was holding my video camera that time, I felt the welcoming ambiance of the place and I realized that I really love my course!!! I saw different kinds of props and even costumes worn by famous people such as Maricel Soriano, Cesar Montano and many more! I also gazed to numerous trophies and awards of the media practitioners before until now. I saw different changes of each period from the American Colonial Period, the Birth of the Tagalog Movie Industry, the Golden Age of Cinema, Studio, Star and Genre Systems, the Sixties until the Nineties.

I also saw many artifacts such as hundred year old film footages, copies of oldest films, photo galaxy of the movie stars from past until now, magazines and movie posters from the yesteryears. And here’s what really intrigued me, the life size photos of the movie stars!!!
Because of the life-size photos, I really felt that I was taking picture with them!!! I was so happy I had a chance to have a photo with Ding Dong Dantes, Aljur of Starstruck, Richard Gutierrez and Polo Ravales!!!

I took so many pictures and videos during the tour which really made me feel tired in the process. However, I realized that someday, this is what we will also experience. In short, visiting the museum was indeed a great experience. The place is full of magic in it. Every room that we visited showed how impressive our cinema industry had developed through ages. And even now, watching those films still hits the taste of Filipinos when it comes to films. I hope that after 2 to 3 years, ours may also be placed in this museum.
"Other pictures taken in the Film Museum"

After visiting the Pambansang Museo ng Pelikula, I really have to say…